Radon Test Kits

Radon test kits come in many shapes and sizes. These kits can be found many places including local hardware stores, department stores and even online. The concept of each one is basically the same. They take a sampling of the air and collect radon particles within their collecting agent. This concentration is then analyzed, through electronics or laboratory means, and a reading of levels is then produced. These levels are in picocuries per liter (pCi/L), which is the unit of measure for radon. 

Charcoal Radon Test Kits

The Charcoal test kit is exactly as it sounds. Radon test kits are usually plastic disc or tube shape objects that have small holes on their flat sides which allows them absorb air. These are supplied in a sealed foil bag, which you open, remove the radon test kit, and then you place it in the lowest level of your home. After a manufacture’s set amount of time, you place the radon test device into a sealed bag and send it off to a laboratory to be analyzed. The laboratory will then check the concentration of radioactive radon gas in the charcoal test kit and reply to you with the results. 

Electronic Radon Test Devices

You can also purchase an electronic radon monitoring device that gives you a constant reading of the radon levels in your home. These electronic radon test kits can be more costly up front, but if you have to do multiple tests over a period of time then they are much more cost effective. There is no laboratory result to send in for and these are a great way to keep a constant monitor of your radon levels.

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