Exchange that Air!

Out with old and in with the new.

So the best way to bring the outdoor, crisp fresh air, and remove that old stagnant air is with an air exchanger. An air exchanger does exactly what the name implies. What make is special is what it does during the exchanging process and how it can save you money over just opening a window.

Fresh air and still paid for!

The purpose of an air exchanger is to replenish the supply of fresh air in your home or building. The key is that during the replenishing process it keeps the heat in the winter and the cold in the summer. The basics of the exchanging process are this. Heated or air-conditioned air passes from the inside of your house to the exchanger where the heat or cold is transferred metal fins or some type of conductive material. The air then leaves the house cooled if it was warm and warm if it was cool. The incoming air then absorbs the heat or cold from the fins where it then enters your ductwork, fresh, preheated or cooled, to replenish the supply of fresh air to your home. Then the air passes through your air cleaner of your furnace for a final cleaning.

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