Roof Shingles

When the time comes for you to pick the shingles for your home there are actually many decisions to make. You may be thinking that you only have to decide what color you want but there is much more to think about.

In addition to your shingle color you have to decide between a 3 tab shingle or an architectural shingle. The three tab shingle is exactly as it sounds. There are three tabs on each shingle and it creates an alternating tab pattern and has to be installed perfectly or you will see imperfections from the ground looking up at your roof. A more popular shingle type is the architectural shingle. These shingles are two layers of material where the first layer is a solid non tabbed shingle. Then the second layer has random angled cut tabs that give the roof a random “architectural shingle” look.

Another aspect that you have to consider when it comes to roof shingles is the warranty of the shingle. Shingle warranties usually come in 20 year warranty, 25 year warranty, 30 year warranty, 40 year warranty and 50 year warranty. So you would think that the only reason to pick a larger year warranty would be for the replacement factor. Well not only is warranty important for getting a roof replaced it also makes a big difference on how your roof looks. The higher warranty shingles are actually made out of thicker material which not only give it longer life but also make the shingle profile had a deeper dimension. This, in turn, makes the shingle on your roof look better.

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