Replaceable Filters

The Pleated Air Filter.

Pleated air filters do a good job of keeping the air supply to your heating or air-conditioning system free of debris. This is essential to keeping your system running smooth and as efficient as possible. Without a filter, debris would clog your heating or cooling coil, creating blockage that would be difficult to clean. This blockage would then make your system work harder that required, and inquires your running cost or worse.

What are they?

Pleated air filters are inexpensive squares or rectangle slabs of paper like material that is in a zig-zag or accordion shape. These slabs or filters are usually place just in front of the receiving side of your heating and/or air-conditioning coils. Because they are paper like they are made to be disposable and you have to keep a good stock, or run out to buy a new one every month or so. The pleats in the filter material are there in order to create more surface area so they will last longer. The pleats actually make it so your filter has the filtering equivalent of a filter twice its size or more.
Replace or Clean, That is the Question!?

Because the filters are made to be disposable you have to do just that. Dispose every time the filter gets clogged. A solution to your monthly filter replacement cost is to use an electrostatic air filter. These filters are washable and made to last a lifetime. As a matter of fact, you can purchase a lifetime filter here and forget about those pesky monthly replacement cost.

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