Lawn Rolling

Rolling the Lawn
To Roll or Not to Roll…That is the Question.

So your lawn is a little bumpy and you are thinking about using a lawn roller. Well, lets hold off a little and talk a little about rolling a lawn and the effects of lawn rolling. If you are using the roller to press down on those high spots in the lawn then the soil beneath the roller becomes compressed. This compression of the soil can actually inhibit the growth of new roots and reduce the amount of water that is absorbed into the ground.

A Little Roll Will Do

If you are determined to use a lawn roller than you should do it sparingly. Once or twice a season will be just fine. I always recommend good plug aeration to anyone who has decided to use a lawn roller.
A Good Time to Use a Roller

One of the best times to use a lawn roller is just after seeding your lawn. And if you have one of those rollers you fill with water than only fill it about a quarter of the way and you may be able to do without water at all. The rolling of the seed into the soil will assure a good seed to soil contact which is essential to seed germination.

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