Household dust.

Everyone has dust in his or her house. The question is how can we reduce the amount of airborne dusts and where does if all come from. Well, because elimination is not possible in standard household conditions, the only thing that we can do is to control the amount of dust there is. Because we constantly stir up dust by walking, moving, breathing and just being home, the best way to clean the air is with an electrostatic air filter in your home heating and air-conditioning system.

Keeping your house clean by vacuuming, sweeping, moping and dusting is a good start to reducing the amount of dust on your belongings and ultimately in your home environment. But keep in mind that because dust is produced daily you will never eliminate it completely. This creates a constant cycle of cleaning, and creating dust. One of the biggest producers of dust is ones own body. Skin cells are shed daily and combined with the breakdown of cloth fibers, carpet fibers, breakdown of floors, tracked in dirt, grime and grit, we create dust.
Don’t forget to scrub the air!

In addition to the cleaning of your house and household items it is also a good idea to clean your air. While you “dust” you force much of the dust into the air where it can be cleaned with a high quality electrostatic air filter.

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