Over seeding

What exactly is Over seeding?

Over seeding is the process of adding seed to an existing lawn in order to replenish old grasses that may not be as hearty as grass seed developed using today technology. It is also a way of filling in bare spots that may not have taken the seed during a new lawn installation.

Over seeding Process

The process of over seeding is broken down into a few easy steps. The first step is to mow your lawn down as close to the ground as possible. This will allow a good seed to soil contact, which is crucial to seed germination. After mowing, as much of the yard thatch should be removed using a dethatcher, yard rake or vertical mower. This step is another one required for that seed to soil contact. After that a good starter fertilizer should be spread which will generate a better grass root system. The final step is to spread the seed. The best way to do this is with what is called a slit seeder. A slit seeder cuts groves into the soil where the seed will fall. This will also promote a good seed to soil contact. After that you should water, water, and water.

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