Grass Seed Selection

What Type of Grass Seed Should I use.

Like all plants, there are many varieties of grass seeds to choose from in order to do the job you want. The main thing to consider when selecting a yard seed is the climate you are in. Many types of grass seed will grow well in Florida that will not grow in Pennsylvania. The second thing to think about is what you want your yard to look like.

Picking A Seed for Area

For northern lawns a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, red fescue, and tall fescue mix will do the trick. These seed can withstand the cool and humid as well as the cool arid locations.

In southern locations then Bermuda grass is what you will be looking for. They will consists of St. Augustine, Zoysiagrass, Buffalowgrass and centepedegrass. These grasses work well with the warm and humid as well as the warm and arid temperatures of the south.

No matter which area you live in the most important thing about grass is to start with a high quality products. Low cost seed mixtures usually contain low-quality grasses that will not give you the benefits of grasses that use the latest technology to breed today’s grass and grass seed.

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