Anti-Scale Filter Installation

With new quick connect ends, it’s easier than ever!

1) After unpacking your anti-scale filter find the flow arrow orientation and make sure the water will flow thought as the arrow shows.

2) Mark the 1/4″ tubing supplied with your Desert Spring humidifier, leaving enough extra tubing to push into the anti-scale filter quick connect end adaptors.

3) Cut the tubing with a sharp knife making sure not to leave any plastic burs and to not flatten the tubing.

4) Push the 1/4″ tubing into the inline anti-scale filter quick connect ends. Make sure to push the tubing in far enough to reach the gaskets found inside the quick connect ends.

5) Turn the water on and allow the desert spring humidifier basin to fill until water stops. Now check for leaks and press tubing further into quick connects if required.

6) Next, secure your inline anti-scale filter to the surrounding system utilizing the attachment devices of your choice.

7) Clean up and your finished.

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