Why Desert Spring Humidifier?

The ultimate question is, “If I have a forced air heating system, why should I buy a Desert Spring humidifier and not some other brand of furnace humidifier. This question can be easily answered by taking a look at what make the Desert Spring furnace humidifier a superior product. The Desert Spring humidifier is a superior product because of it convince, its savings, health benefits and its performance.

Because there are no humidifier filters, pads or sponges to replace, the Desert Spring humidifier is virtually maintenance free. Humidifier pads, filters and sponges can quickly become clogged with dirt and dust or cluttered with hard water sediment and minerals making replacement inevitable. Because of the Desert Spring patented rotary disc technology, hard water scaling and airborne dust, dirt and pollen are just washed away.

Because of Desert Springs rotary disc technology, purchasing costly filters over and over again is eliminated. Secondly, because the Desert Spring Furnace humidifier is nearly 100% water efficient, the cost of water does not go down your drain … literally. Another money saving feature of this furnace humidifier is its low energy usage. Its 24-volt, low voltage, power consumption will nearly make up a percentage of your total electricity usage. The most important way the Desert Spring humidifier saves you money is your ability to lower your thermostat because humid air actually feels warmer.

It is recommended that you keep your indoor humidity level between 30% and 50%. This will promote healthy skin, a good respiratory system, and better sleep. The recommended humidity level will help you look and feel healthier.

The great thing about the Desert Spring humidifier is that you can run the humidifier even when your house doesn’t need heating. By switching your furnace fan to run continuously you are able to benefit from the humidifier’s evaporative action 24 hours a day. This is beneficial if your humidity is very low and you need to get it to a level that you can easily maintain by running the fan only when heat is required.

Humidifier Types

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