Mold in the home

What is mold and what do you do if you find it.

Your afraid you have mold and now you want to know what you can do to protect yourself and your family. The first step is to find out the source of the problem. Because mold will not grow without water or moisture, this is the first thing you should look fore. You see, outdoors, mold is a naturally occurring and is the way nature breaks down dead organic materials such as leaves and dead trees.

Find the cause of the mold and eliminate the problem.

Like I said above, mold needs water and moisture in order to grow. Once you determine where the source of the water and moisture is from, fix it and then clean up your mold. Now you should not have problems in the future, as log as the water problem has been fixed. Be aware, many of the materials used to build your home are organic materials like leaves and dead trees, and mold will break them down too. You may have to replace, or reinforce, many of the mold infested materials that you clean up.
Mold and Health Problems.

In most cases, the effects mold can have on your health is minor. Symptoms caused by exposure to mold can include irritation of the skin, nose throat and lungs. These hay fever or cold like symptoms can happen to people who are allergic to mold as well as those who are not. For those who are allergic to mold, airborne mold can cause, or set off asthma. Eliminating mold spores in your home ca help and one way to do this is with an elastrostaic air filter that can remove mold spores that are 10-100 microns and larger in size.

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