Pollen is in the air.

During the spring and summer the air quality in your home can be greatly effected by the pollen that is in the air. Pollen is especially worse for those with allergies to the aforementioned pollen. Keeping the air in your home pollen free is the best defense. If you have a central air conditioning system replace your filters, or better yet, purchase an electrostatic air filter and keep it clean. If you do not have central air, then keep your window closed and try window air conditioning unites.

So you may wonder, where does pollen come from? Well, grass pollen seems to be the most abundant pollen but there are many trees, weeds and flowers that contribute to the over all pollen count. Which, by the way, can be found at pollen.com. Knowing the level of pollen is important, especially to those with hay fever, which is an allergic reaction to pollen and spores.

Pollen is a grain that can be round or oval and is produced by plants. These plants then pollinate themselves or other like plants around them. The pollen of flowering plants product larger pollen that requires the assistance of bugs in order to carry their pollen from one plant to another. The more “allergic” pollen is the dust like pollen produced by non-flower type plants like trees and grasses.

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