Things to Consider

Following is a list of some of the items that could possibly be overlooked when building a new home. The biggest reason for having these items considered during construction is the same reason that many of the items are overlooked or taken out of the original plans. The reason, which is cost, is two fold. If you don’t add these items now it will reduce your up front cost, but at the same time if you wait the future cost may be two, three or more time the cost to add to your existing home.

Checklist of Home Options to Consider.

  • Radon Piping Rough-In
  • Foundation Drain
  • Bilco Door
  • Extra Course of Block in Basement
  • Garage Size
  • Roof Shingles
  • Sewer/Sump Pump
  • Ge-thermal heat pump
  • Network Cable
  • Cable TV
  • Deck
  • Phone Location
  • Electrical Outlets
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