Installing a blow-up swimming pool

During the summertime many families are interested in keeping cool and what better way to do that than to install a blow up type swimming pool. They are inexpensive, readily available and easy to maintain. One key to an easy maintain pool it a successful installation. Sometimes, this means that you blow up the pull, install the pump and add water and some swimming pool chemicals. In other instances, where your ground is not exactly level, there is more work involved. Below you will find the step necessary to install a blow up pool on not so level ground.

Step by Step Setup and Installation


The first step is to find the area where you want your new pool. Then just to make it easier, mow the pool area down as low as you can. This will make it just that much easier to dig out the soil to make your pool area level.

Dig up the grass

Now you can dig the high side of the ground and move the soil to the lower side. After you move the soil to the low site, trying to make the whole area level, you should pack it down with a tamping tool. This will help eliminate any future settling and add to an uneven pool.

Digging grass area.

Level the ground

After moving the soil from the high side and making the whole swimming pool area level I drenched the swimming pool area with water, trying to further eliminate settling.

Next a 2 -3 inch layer of small landscaping stone was added in order to protect against larger stones that may be hiding in the freshly dug dirt. This step can be skipped if the soil is relatively free of stone, and you don’t have some landscaping stone that you are trying to get rid of like I was.

Finally, a 2 – 3 inch layer of sand was put down and leveled off. The pool was placed in the center of the swimming pool area and water was added. At this point the swimming pool installation is basically complete.

Build a Retaining Wall

To keep from loosing all the sand and to protect from settling a retaining wall was added. This not only protects against washout from rain, but looks pretty good too.

Finish your pool and use

After the water is completely added, the retaining wall is completed and the swimming pool chemicals are added, its time to swim!