Eliminating Radon

Tight House = Concentrated Radon

As we build better, tighter houses, the concentration of radon become greater. There are many older homes that have high levels of radon entering but because these homes are not as “tight” the radon becomes more diluted with fresh air, in effect lowering the radon level in that home.

Consider the Source

To eliminate radon from your home you have to consider the source of where the radon comes from. The source, in a majority of cases, is from the ground which in turn comes from the basement. You must seal off all of the cracks and holes that are found in the basement floor. These cracks and holes are where the radon is entering your home. Also, you have to realize that the radon tainted air does not just seep in through these gaps, they are sucked in with great pressure. This pressure is cause by the stack effect of your home.
Stop the Radon

The way to eliminated radon is to either eliminate the cracks that the radon is leaking into or create a vacuum under your house that is equal or greater than the vacuum caused by the stack effect.

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