Bilco Basement Access Door

During the construction of your new home there are many decisions to make. It is easy to remove options that may cost a little extra, only to regret this decision in the future. Adding a Bilco access door is one of those decisions. The convenience of a basement access, in addition to your interior steps, is a step (no pun intended) one must make during the construction of a new home.

An Entrance for the Contractor

There are many reasons to invest in a Bilco basement access door. One of the reasons is that most of the time the big heavy and dirty utility equipment is in the basement. Day after day, during the construction of your home, contractors, with their muddy boots and shoes, will need an access to the utility they are trying to install or service. Being able to access their equipment during construction is very convenient for both you and the contractor. The real benefit is after you have moved into your new home and a service man comes to your door and you are able to allow him to access the equipment through his very own access, and not trample through your home.
A Basement Access for You.

Another reason for a basement access door is not for the contractor but for you. Imagine a hot and dirty day of working in your garden or mowing your lawn. You would be covered in grass and dirt, and would not want to trample that mess throughout your home. Add a Bilco access door and you will have convent place to remove your clothing before you go to the bathroom to take a shower. Now, you can take one step further and add a basement bathroom and never have to worry about outside yard work dirt entering your house again.

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