Radon Fans

Vacuum out the Radon

Radon fans are an intricate part of an active radon system. Without the fan you are left with a no vacuum type system and only one that allows the radon to seep out from the ground below your home and not create a vacuum to combat stack effect.

Where Do Radon Fans Go

Radon fan are installed in line with the piping that migrates the radon from below your basement, though the walls (or outside the walls if installed after construction) and up passed the roof. They must be installed above any living area which in turn creates a vacuum in the piping in all the living areas of your home. If the fan was installed in your basement, you run the risk of having radon gas pumped into your home if your radon pipe is cracked or hit with a nail. When the fan is installed in the attic, then the only fear is that you may loose a bit of vacuum but there is no risk of pumping concentrated gas into your home.
Radon Fan Strengths and Sizes

Radon fans come in many sizes and strengths. These differences are used to combat concentrations of radon, different, sizes of homes and different airflow situations that occur under your homes concrete slabs. An item that can be added to your system that works indirectly with a radon fan is a pressure U tube. The tube can be used to make sure your fan is running, as well as calculate the amount of vacuum that is being applied to the area below your slab.

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