Watering your yard

Does your yard need a drink?
No matter the reason, keeping your yard’s moisture level up will help to promote a health lawn. This is especially important if you are trying to promote new grass growth after installing a new lawn, over seeding or just adding extra seed in areas that are a little bare.

Get water to your lawn.

There are many ways to get water out to your yard but one of the most important requirements is an ample water supply. To deliver your water to your yard you can use portable sprinklers, which come in many shapes and sizes, or you can install a yard sprinkler system. Depending on the size or your lawn, a whole yard sprinkler system can become a very costly.

Portable sprinklers simply attach to the end of your hose and supply water to the areas around them. They can be purchased in styles such as oscillating and pulsating and can cover anywhere from a small sections to very large areas. The important thing with watering your lawn is to keep the sprinklers working long enough to get the ground good and moist. You should water the area your sprinkler covers for 30 minutes at a time, twice a day.

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