Lawn Care

Lawn Aerating

Does My Grass Need to Breathe?

Breathing is not the only reason to use an aerator on your yard. The process of Lawn aeration creates holes or voids that penetrate your grass, through the thatch, and into the soil. This process will keep the soil loose for positive grass root growth and allow water to penetrate deep into the soil where the grass needs it the most.

Lawn Aerators

Removing the Thatch

What is Thatch?

Year after year your lawn goes through a process of growing and then becoming dormant. When your grass becomes dormant the top green layer, what we see as grass, actually dies and is left behind to decay. Sometimes the old dead grass top becomes intertwined with the new layer of grass and next season it happens all over again. Add some grass roots and twigs and sticks and we have thatch.

Removing Thatch

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