radon removal

Radon Fans

Vacuum out the Radon

Radon fans are an intricate part of an active radon system. Without the fan you are left with a no vacuum type system and only one that allows the radon to seep out from the ground below your home and not create a vacuum to combat stack effect.

Where Do Radon Fans Go

Radon Pipe Installation


Depending on your stage of construction, installing rough-in piping for a radon system can be relatively easy. The process, that consist of two parts, is placing the pipe that is place under the concrete floor of the basement and the piping that travels up your walls and through the roof.

Radon Systems

Types of Radon Systems

There are basically two types of radon systems, the passive radon system and the active radon system. The biggest difference is that the active system introduces a fan to create a vacuum under your slab. This vacuum combats the stack effect and is used when the passive system is unable to reduce the radon levels enough.

How Radon Systems Work

Eliminating Radon

Tight House = Concentrated Radon

As we build better, tighter houses, the concentration of radon become greater. There are many older homes that have high levels of radon entering but because these homes are not as “tight" the radon becomes more diluted with fresh air, in effect lowering the radon level in that home.

Consider the Source

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