air filters

Electrostatic Air Filters

The Better Way to Go.

By creating a mild static electric charge, or static cling, electrostatic air filters are able to stop very small particles from continuing to be circulated around your house. They work very well to stop even tobacco Smoke as small as .01 microns. The best part is they are a one-time purchase, and you will not have to replace them every month like those paper throwaway types.

The Best of the Best

Replaceable Filters

The Pleated Air Filter.

Pleated air filters do a good job of keeping the air supply to your heating or air-conditioning system free of debris. This is essential to keeping your system running smooth and as efficient as possible. Without a filter, debris would clog your heating or cooling coil, creating blockage that would be difficult to clean. This blockage would then make your system work harder that required, and inquires your running cost or worse.

What are they?

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