Home Humidity

Why is there water and ice on my windows?


I am getting a lot of questions about the amount of water, and sometimes ice, forming on the inside of windows. With the winter temperatures plummeting to the lowest of the season, this is going to happen and there is something you can do to help.

Normally, I am telling you to increase the humidity levels in your home, which have become low because of your winter heating. Well, at this time, it is important to reduce your humidity level in order to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. This humidity level chart will help you to determine the best home humidity level.

Correct Humidity Level


You may be asking yourself, “What is the perfect home humidity for my home?”. The answer to that question is really not that simple. There are certain factors can determine what humidity level is the right one for your house. The simple answer is that a house humidity level should be somewhere between 20% and 40%.

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