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Anti-Scale Filter Installation


With new quick connect ends, it's easier than ever!

1) After unpacking your anti-scale filter find the flow arrow orientation and make sure the water will flow thought as the arrow shows.

2) Mark the 1/4" tubing supplied with your Desert Spring humidifier, leaving enough extra tubing to push into the anti-scale filter quick connect end adaptors.

3) Cut the tubing with a sharp knife making sure not to leave any plastic burs and to not flatten the tubing.

Desert Spring Accessories


The auto-flush device, by Desert Spring Products, automatically drains the "water well" that the rotary disc is partially submerged. The Desert spring auto-flush creates a "worry free" whole house humidifier system by totally replacing the water, for approximately 90 sec, within a 12, 24 or 48 hour period - making the Desert Springs humidifier maintenance Automatic!

Why Desert Spring Humidifier?


The ultimate question is, “If I have a forced air heating system, why should I buy a Desert Spring humidifier and not some other brand of furnace humidifier. This question can be easily answered by taking a look at what make the Desert Spring furnace humidifier a superior product. The Desert Spring humidifier is a superior product because of it convince, its savings, health benefits and its performance.

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