Anti-Scale Filter Installation


With new quick connect ends, it's easier than ever!

1) After unpacking your anti-scale filter find the flow arrow orientation and make sure the water will flow thought as the arrow shows.

2) Mark the 1/4" tubing supplied with your Desert Spring humidifier, leaving enough extra tubing to push into the anti-scale filter quick connect end adaptors.

3) Cut the tubing with a sharp knife making sure not to leave any plastic burs and to not flatten the tubing.

Desert Spring Accessories


The auto-flush device, by Desert Spring Products, automatically drains the "water well" that the rotary disc is partially submerged. The Desert spring auto-flush creates a "worry free" whole house humidifier system by totally replacing the water, for approximately 90 sec, within a 12, 24 or 48 hour period - making the Desert Springs humidifier maintenance Automatic!

Why Desert Spring Humidifier?


The ultimate question is, “If I have a forced air heating system, why should I buy a Desert Spring humidifier and not some other brand of furnace humidifier. This question can be easily answered by taking a look at what make the Desert Spring furnace humidifier a superior product. The Desert Spring humidifier is a superior product because of it convince, its savings, health benefits and its performance.

Humidifier Types

Because there are so many humidifiers to choose from I thought it would be a good Idea to explain each type of humidifier in order to take some of the guesswork out of having to pick the best home humidifier for your home. Whole House Humidifiers, can be broken down into four major categories, which are evaporation humidifiers, steam humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers and ultrasonic humidifiers.

Evaporation Humidifiers

Whole House Humidifier


Because my home had a Geothermal heat pump system my solution was quite easy. The reason it was so easy was because the duct work, which was installed during my home construction, would provide a perfect means of transporting humidified air throughout my home. After researching all the different types of humidifiers I narrowed my solutions to two different types. The two types of whole house humidifiers that I decided would work were pad type humidifiers, and rotary disk humidifiers.

Whole House Pad Humidifiers

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