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Mortgage relief reaches 7 percent of borrowers

The Obama administration's mortgage relief plan provided help to 7 percent of borrowers who signed up last year.

Mortgage rates fall for second straight week

Rates for 30-year home loans edged lower for the second straight week, a report said Thursday, but remained above last month's record lows.

NYC’s 'skinniest' house sells for $2.1 million

A town house dubbed New York City's skinniest house has sold for $2.1 million.

Foreclosures set a grim record in 2009

A record 2.8 million households were threatened with foreclosure last year, and that number is expected to rise this year.

Homes for sale perfect for the football freak

Face paint and foam fingers not enough? Buy one of these homes within walking distance of many stadiums.

In ‘Foreclosureville,’ hope that worst has passed

Stockton hardly looks like the most miserable city in the country.

Payment missed on huge NYC housing complex

The partnership that paid a record $5.4 billion for two of New York City's biggest apartment complexes is having money problems.

Newsweek: Weak home sales aren't big deal

There are two reasons the home-sales report isn't a big deal. First, housing is a highly seasonal business, so the most relevant statistic isn't the month-to-month trend but the year-to-year trend, which saw improvement. Also, we're going to have to have this recovery without housing. In fact, we already are.

Housing may be headed for double dip

The number of buyers who agreed to purchase previously occupied homes fell sharply in November, a sign sales will fall this winter, undermining last summer's recovery.

Cities where homes have lost the most value

Merced, Calif., is a quiet, residential city an easy drive from Yosemite National Park and Pacific Coast beaches. It also leads our list of cities where homes have lost the most value.

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