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Installation of a stone paver sidewalk.


About two years ago I thought that I was ready to go out and pay someone to put in my sidewalks for my home. The ground that was replaced from the home excavation had settled for about two years and now it was time.

So I found a couple of contractors and asked for some price estimates to see what it would cost. Well to my dismay, the cost was so high that I decided to tackle this project myself, and boy am I glad that I did. Believe it or not, I saved myself about five thousand dollars but it wasn't without a lot a back breaking, exhausting work. Also, I remember that the back sidewalks were installed during a period of time when a Pennsylvania heat wave hit some record 100°F+ temperatures. Boy, am I glad that is done!

Installing a garage door opener


I was on my way home tonight, having one of my normal conversations with my brother about something in his new home. I enjoy these conversations because my design, construction and building background usually allows me to give him a bit of advice with some home project that he may involved with. Tonights discussion revolved around installing a garage door opener after a garage door opener selection has been made.

Drywall Cracks


Drywall cracks are something that everyone will have to deal with from one time or another. Drywall cracks are a normal part of settling or expansion and contraction of home material through the change in temperature of the seasons. The question is, "What can I do to fix them?" First, one would have to make sure that these cracks are not from a serious problem. If a rusty post in the basement that is starting to collapse is the reason for the drywall cracks then you obviously need to fix the post first and then fix the drywall cracks later.

Attic Pull Down Steps


Installing attic steps is not a complicated project but it does take two or three people and a couple of tools. You have to locate where you want the attic steps, and make sure that there is a space where there are no ceiling joist, or rafters are in the way. You also have to think about the path you have to travel in order to carry you item to the stairs. These stair openings are not huge, so if you tuck them in a corner, or in a closet, chances are you won’t be able to maneuver your storage items to fit up the small stair opening.

What to Consider

Installing a utility sink.


Although every scenario is different, the steps to installing a utility sink are pretty much the same. First you find the sink you want, you buy it, get it home and set it where you want it. The tough part comes when you have to hook it up to the water supply lines and the drain lines. If you are working in a basement area, like I did, you can easily access the water and drain lines and installation is just a little more than a snap.

Installing a blow up swimming pool


During the summertime many families are interested in keeping cool and what better way to do that than to install a blow up type swimming pool. They are inexpensive, readily available and easy to maintain. One key to an easy maintain pool it a successful installation. Sometimes, this means that you blow up the pull, install the pump and add water and some swimming pool chemicals. In other instances, where your ground is not exactly level, there is more work involved.

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