Correct Humidity Level

Higher Humidity Equals Lower Heating

Your home humidity level is an important way to save some money on your heating bills. By increasing the humidity level in your house you can create an environment that will actually feel warmer.

The natural evaporation of fluid from your skin will make you feel warmer as the humidity level increases. If you make sure you humidity lever is at a comfortable level, between 40% and 50%, you can actually lower your heating bills. You can lower your thermostats by 2 or 3 degrees and it will still feel the same temperature in your home.

Because low humidity can actually shrink wood in the framing of your home having the correct home humidity level is away to stop drafts from forming in your home. When wood framing members of your home shrink, you can actually get cracks that will lead to the outside of your home. One very susceptible location for this is below your baseboard on an exterior wall. If the bottom wood member of your exterior wall shrinks, drafts can come through there.

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