Leaky Door Sills

Many of today’s doors have what are called “Adjustable Sills”. You can tell if you have an “adjustable sill” by opening your door and look for a piece of metal or wood with a few large screw heads that are turned to raise and lower your door sill. Raising your door sill will create a seal between the door and the sill, which in turn will stop air from entering your home.

Some cold windy day, take a minute or two and sit on the floor near the bottom of the door. Place your hand on the floor next to the door and see if you can feel any air. If you do, take some time to adjust your door sill.

If you don’t have a door with and adjustable sill there are a few things you can do. The first fix would be to get you a door sweep, which is gasket / seal that bridges the gap between your door and door threshold. They are quick and easy to install and do a great job. Another option would be to install a storm door on the outside of you exterior door. This would actually add an added protection too all your door scenarios.

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