Why is there water and ice on my windows?


I am getting a lot of questions about the amount of water, and sometimes ice, forming on the inside of windows. With the winter temperatures plummeting to the lowest of the season, this is going to happen and there is something you can do to help.

Normally, I am telling you to increase the humidity levels in your home, which have become low because of your winter heating. Well, at this time, it is important to reduce your humidity level in order to reduce the amount of condensation on your windows. This humidity level chart will help you to determine the best home humidity level.

What happens is the cold outside air is trying to freeze your house fromIce on windowsIce on windows the outside in. The colder the air is outside the further the cold makes it into your home. This makes the dew point, the place where water wants to condensate, close to the inside of your home. This causes an excess of condensation, and maybe a little ice on those single pane window. So, during these cold times, you may have to turn the humidity down to reduce the window condensation.

Ummm, I do believe it is dew

Ummm, I do believe it is dew point, not due point.

You are totally correct and

You are totally correct and thanks for pointing out that spelling mistake. I updated the above post to reflect your correction. Thanks!

water and ice on the inside of my windows

I just replaced all my windows with energy star double pane low e windows. One of the windows condensates on the inside and when its really cold it freezes. Is it possible that the window is defective. I have sliding glass doors and a smaller window on the same floor without this problem.

I guess there could be two

I guess there could be two things happening at this window. The first item could be that there is more of a source of heat or moisture near this window which is causing the issues your are describing. I am not exactly sure how likely this is but you can take a look around to see if this is the case.

The second, an more likely problem is that the window is defective and the gas inside the window that should be sealed has sprung a leak and no longer is giving you the protection that a sealed, double pane window, would provide.

Ice on windows

With the cold weather this page has become a very popular page lately. The problem with ice on windows seems to be a one that many people are having. I wanted to add a side note about double pane windows vs single pane windows. Single pane windows will be more susceptible to the ice on window problem. This is because of the lack of insulating value that single pane windows have. If you windows become colder than 32deg (typically near the bottom) and your humidity level is high enough for condensation to happen, you will get ice on lower section of your windows.

Single pane windows

We live in an older house that has single pane windows and when it gets very cold we notice that the windows get ice on them.

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