How to Clean Paint Spilled on Carpet


This weekends project consisted of painting our living room. Pretty typical, just adding a little color to change the look and clean up some rough spots. My wife had added one of those wallpaper borders and had to get a steam machine in order to remove. This created a little mess, and I had some wall spackling repair work to do. Everything else was pretty straight forward. We used a eggshell paint and taped everything off in order to help with the cut-in process. The real interesting part can while rolling in the walls.

I was rolling in one side while my wife was on the opposite. All of a sudden I heard an "OH Shoot!" or something like that. I quickly rushed over to see what had happened. Then I noticed that the paint tray had spilled, half on the plastic she had down to protect the carpet, the other half had spilled on the carpet. Paint spilled on the carpet first seemed like it could be a pretty devastating thing. We stayed calm and I told my wife to continue painting where I had left off. I then rushed to get a bucked and a rag. I knew I had to act quick so the paint would not stain or dry which would make it pretty hard to remove.

My theory for removing spilled paint from carpet was simple. Keep it wet and dilute with water and vacuum and repeat, repeat, repeat. I started by wiping up what I could from the surface. This made quite the mess but lifted up the spilled paint that was on the surface. I then proceeded to wet and dab the area until I could not get any more paint of the top of the carpet. Here is where the carpet saving part came in. We had purchased on of the Bissel Spot Bots a while ago and now it was time to put it to the test. I tried to remove it using the auto brush side but after the first attempt, the paint seemed to smear all over. So, there is a manual side that just has suction, scrubber and a sprayer. I sprayed, brushed and sucked the wet paint over and over again. Finally, there was starting to be a glimmer of hope. The water being sucked up was starting to run a little clearer every time. Until finally the paint and the stain was gone.

So the bottom line is that if you are painting, and you spill some on the carpet, keep a level head. Remove the excess paint from the surface and dilute with water just enough to keep the paint wet. Use a suctioning water vacuum like the spot bot or maybe a shop vac and soon, the paint and the paint stain will be gone.

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