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This was the year that that I wasn't going to wait until the cold of winter to find a better vent for my dryer. The west side of my house is very exposed to the bitter easterly winds that howl through the valley where I live. All of this wind seemed to concentrate itself into my dryer vend and infiltrate into my house. The inside of the dryer, and the clothes left in the dryer were always freezing cold. Until now!

I found the better dryer vent and although it is a little bit bulky it certanly has done the trick. The replacement of the old vent was very smooth and didn't take much time. I was able to remove the existing vent and then just pull the metal sleeve from inside the house into the receiving end of the new dryer vent.

Dryer Vent  TopDryer Vent TopThe vent works by allowing air to enter into the device through a 4" entrance pipe and move its way up towards a cap that is held into place by gravity. When the dryer is turned on the pressure created by the dryer pushes up the cap. With the cap in the elevated position the air flows down the outside of the 4" pipe through fins, which are used to keep the cap in place, and then exits thought the bottom.

Dryer Vent BottomDryer Vent Bottom The top of the vent has a hinged lid that allows you to open, remove the cap, and clean out any dryer lint that may build up in the inside of your dryer vent or dryer pipe.

Dryver Vent CapDryver Vent CapFor me, installation was a breeze and having gone nearly through most of this winter ( I hope ) I have to say that this item and exceeded my expectations. I am sure that there was an impact on my electric bill because of this drier vent, that I purchased from a local true value, that covered the just over $10 price tag. I painted the exterior of my dryer vent to match the color of my home but I think you can purchase in white, and in a tan.

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Works Great

I also installed one of these and the thing work better than I had expected! It did take up a little more room on the side of the house but it was worth it because when winter hit, the cold air didn't fill my laundry room like it once had.

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