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Fresh air heat exchanging.

Heat Exchanger

It's funny, we spend all this time trying to tighten up our home's building envelope and we never think about the problems that this may have on our homes internal environment. Things like radon, micro bacteria, allergens, sickness, smells, viruses and who knows what else ends up being trapped in our homes. I now that when spring comes around I take every opportunity to open up my windows in order to let in the fresh clean and refreshing air and let out the stale, stagnant air. This is something that just isn't possible during the winter months but heat exchanger is the answer to that.

Shading for deck using an retractable home awning.

Retractable Home Awning

The deck of our home faces the southern sky and many times during the the summer we choose not to sit out on the deck because the heat of the sun makes it just too uncomfortable to sit there. We have thought about enclosing the deck but the cost is just more than what we are interested in spending. The though of a retractable home awning crossed my mind but I was very afraid of what the wind, which can be very strong at my house, would tear the awning to shreds.

Installing a water softener for well water.

Water Softener

When my house was built the well water was tested and was found to be on the hard side. I think it was somewhere between 8-12 dGH which is considered to be slightly hard. Well, it does tend to make cleaning of bathtubs a little bit harder and I have a difficult time with scaling of the desert spring home humidifier. I will be installing a new water softener but with all the advancement in water softening technology, what would be the right one to choose? Should I investigate the salt-less water softener?

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